10th Anniversary Gorge Outrigger OC-6 Races

Jul 15 2006 10:00 am
Event Description: 

OC-6 Event for the 10th Annivesary Gorge Outrigger Races, followed by awards, skits, camping, food, friends and fun!

Recommended OC1 for northwest (Portland, Oregon)?

Hey everyone,

New to OC1. Been paddling on OC2 and OC6. Wanting very much to get an OC1 eventually but my knowledge on what makes a good boat for this area is limited. I am 6'3" about 180lbs. Spend most of my time paddling on the Willamette river and occasionally the Columbia. Flat water in the winter but can have some decent current (this year it was particularly quick); choppy from boat traffic and or wind in the summer. But I'm not hitting surf swells or the like. I have heard good things about Kaimana for this area but also the Stingray and the Hurricane. Really when it comes to OC1 I am not informed enough. Its a bit premature as I don't have the finances currently for a kanu at any rate but I'd rather be informed before I have them. I know a lot is personal preference but opinions and experience can be good teachers. Any help is appreciated and if there is anyone in the Portland area who is willing to let me try a kanu it would be greatly appreciated.


Matuka Joe

Sail Sand Point Outrigger

Map Coordinates: 
47.687333607655375 -122.2616958618164

Yeah, baby! SSPO rollin' hard in the L. Dub hood! Outrigger paddling on scenic Lake Washington!


Yeah, baby! SSPO rollin’ hard in the L. Dub hood! Outrigger paddling on scenic Lake Washington!

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