Pacific NW kicks off winter season

Results for the race this past Saturday at Lake Union.

First race

I did it, my first race was last saturday on Lake Union. Good times and a hell of a workout, I am ready for the next one. Check out my pics here

sailing oc1's

I have never paddled an oc1 before and am in the market. I am accustomed to oc6 and sailing on larger boats, so the idea of getting an oc1 that can be rigged for sailing appeals to me. Can anyone clue me into any major differences which may exist when paddling an oc1 which is sail capable (but not rigged) Vs. paddling a non-riggable canoe?




where is the best place to catch waves in washington state and or vancover area?

First time out

I hit Budd Bay last saturday with my newly purchased Stingray and am hooked. I have stand up paddled, rowed, and kayaked but the OC1 is by far the most fun. The weather was gorgeous, 40 degrees, clear skies, no wind. I was out paddling for an hour and a half, I didn't want to stop. I plan on hitting the bay every weekend as my get-away-from-it-all-therapy.

I am an avid disc golfer also, but I can see this sport will occupy my time more.

Stingray paddler from OlyWa

Kaimana OC1's for sale in Washington and Oregon

Item Description: 

Hawaiian-built, hand-made Kaimana OC1's are available for order in Washington and Oregon. Super-stiff foam-core and/or ultra-light construction types also available. $1500 deposit gets your boat started...

Weights: 20-22lbs
Cost: $3800 - $4150, delivered
Colors: Custom

If you have questions, want to demo, or place your order, contact Alan Goto

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message.

Anyone have a used OC-1 for sale

I am looking for a used OC-1 in good condition in the Washington and Oregon area. Anybody know of one? I just missed out on a C-Lion for $800.00. Please pm me if you have any leads. Thanks

looking for used oc-1

Item Description: 

looking for used oc1

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message.


looking for anyone who paddles oc1 on Lake Washingtion.

Used oc1...fair to great condition

Item Description: 

I am desperately looking for a used oc1 that is in ok/fair condition all the way up to great condition.

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message with pics if availble.

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