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Experienced Paddler for Na Wahine

Fit paddler looking for crew preferably 40's or masters. Competed in NWOKK more than 12 times. Would love to race with you.
808 783-6363

Need men 60 and up for Pailolo Challenge 2017 change crew.

Looking for men 60 paddler to race in the up coming Pailolo Challenge 16 Sept, 2017 Maui to Molokai (26 miles). Fun down wind and wave run with an experience masters crew from Oahu, Hawaii.
Email or text (808)2959513

Need a steersWOMAN for NWOKK 2017 race

aloha, we are looking for a steerswoman for our crew. We need for NWOKK september 24th, 2017. Interested? call coach Jacob Kaio 808 221 8835, leave message. mahalo's.

Beware: BB Gun Sniper - Ala Wai Harbor Entrance

Just saw a bleeding facebook photo of a top world paddler, who got shot in the head while paddling seaward, from Ala Wai Harbor yesterday. This is really horrible and if you see anyone shooting bb guns in the vicinity report it. Call 911.

Molokai Hoe 2016 Paddler looking for a crew

Update: I found a crew. Get one other brother looking for a crew if still need. Let me know and I can get you his info.

George "Keoki"

Female paddler, senior master, Looking for seat in crew for Catalina

CATALINA: Strong senior master female (55 years old) looking for a seat for the Catalina Race on Saturday. I have 20 plus years of paddling experience, can sit any seat including steering. I have done Catalina 5 times (2 x steering) and Na Wahine races 9 times. Participate in local change-outrace every year. I will be in New Port Beach Thursday evening Sept. 7 and I am available all day Friday to meet and greet and paddle with a crew in New Port Beach. Please reply to

45 year old female paddler looking for a Dad's Center Crew

I am coming in to do the Kona race and will be on Oahu visiting family. I would love to jump in a crew for the Dad race, I'm an experienced paddler in Northwest, for 11 years. Please contact Amanda at 360-608-1001.


aloha, looking for a steerswoman for Dad's Center race august 28th, 2016 and Na Wahine O Ke Kai 2016. call Jacob 808 221 8835

OC1 for Queen's Race??

Hello! Looking for possible canoe borrow/rental for OC1 race during Queen's Race festivities! I've placed a post on the Queen's blog and also contacted HyperFlux (sheesh, can't even remember now...) about a rental.

Anyone have options? I've been paddling my XM, not to be picky, but something a tad smaller would be great!!

Thank you!!

Gorge Wildside Relay Partner Needed!

Looking for fast male OC-1 paddler for Gorge Wildside Relay.

I am 22 y/o from SF Bay Area, training 6 days/week and riding Ares.


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