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Looking to paddle canoe back from Molokai due to na wahine cancelation

With na wahine canceled, some clubs have extra canoes stuck on Molokai.
My Crew is looking for a canoe for Molokai hoe to paddle back for you and save you shipping costs.
Message me if you need interested.

Strong Female paddler looking for a seat for Pailolo and Na Wahine

I paddle for 4 years at Hanalei Canoe Club.
Looking for a seat 1,2,3,4,5 for Pailolo and na Wahine.
Please contact Lei at 808-652-9092

steersperson looking for seat for Pailolo or Na Wahine 2015

Steersperson looking to race Pailolo or Na Wahine this year. Have reservations for Na Wahine but can change to Pailolo. Can go sr masters, masters or open.

Used Oc 1's

Aloha everybody, We have many people interested in buying Oc 1's that are new to the sport of outrigger and can not afford a new boat. With the exchange we are looking at 25-30% increase in the price. So we are looking for used boats to ship from Cal to Canada. If you live in Cal and have a Oc 1 you are interested in selling in good condition for a reasonable price. Please contact Tim with a picture, dimensions, age, cost


Na Wahine

Looking for strong competitive woman to round out our master 50's crew.

Pacific Honda Moku Manu Hoe Wa'a open to Mixed crews

Due to a shortage in the supply of available paddlers 18 years and under, and the expressed interest from adults wanting to paddle this potentially awesome course from Waimanalo to Kualoa, we are opening up the race to an OPEN MIXED ADULT DIVISION. The rules for this division are:

  1. Maximum 5 Male paddlers (at least 4 females)
  2. Must be in a regulation 400 lb. spec boat
  3. Must have exhausted every effort to find available juniors.

Anybody need a Paddler for Catalina?

Good afternoon everyone,

Just curious if anyone needs a paddler for the Catalina Crossing? I can sit anywhere from seats 2-4. I am willing and able to paddle co-ed or men in either the Master's or Open divisions. If you are in need of a paddler or know of anyone in need of a paddler, please forward them this message. I greatly appreciate it. Mahalo



40 Something paddler looking for a crew for Molokai

40 something paddler, crossed channel last 9 years.
looking for a crew needing a paddler.

Mob sent me to mainland for the year but in shape and want to make my 10th crossing a good one.

message me here if want more info.

sit anywhere, but typically 3/4/5/6.



Need STEERSWOMAN for dad center race and na wahine o ke kai 2015

Aloha, we have just lost our steerswoman to health issues. If interested in steering Dad Center Race Aug 23, and/or Na Wahine O Ke Kai Sept 27th, Call coach Jake 808-221-8835

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