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Need STEERSWOMAN for dad center race and na wahine o ke kai 2015

Aloha, we have just lost our steerswoman and are seeking another. Anyone interested, give Coach Jake a call 808 221-8835. Dad Center Race is Aug 23rd, this month. Na Wahine O Ke Kai is Sept 27th.

60s female available for Queen Liliuokalani Race

We're bringing a crew from Florida and we have an extra paddler available for a seat for the distance race. She's experienced and competitive. Thanks!


HI! Wondering if anyone might know of a crew looking for a male masters paddler for Pailolo? Did it last year and wanting a little....redemption since it was apparently flat!!


Senior Women Master Looking for an Iron Crew for the Queen's Race

I am from Oahu, and am looking for a competitive women master's crew for the Queen's race and prefer seat 3,4 or 5. I have 6 Kona races and 10 Molokai crossings, and want to contribute to a great women's crew!

I have a plane ticket and hotel reservations. Just give me a shout out! I would also love to paddle with a crew from out of state! I will bring my "A" game and Aloha!



paddlers needed for long distance male or female

Needed male or female paddlers for long distance season, practices are mon,wed and possibly saturday. Come to lokahi canoe club......5:30-5:45 start

Male and Female paddlers looking for seats in Queen Lilio Double Hull

My husband and I are steering our crews for Queen Lilio distance and Ali'i challenge, and are seeking to join crews for the double hull. 15 years experience, strong & competitive paddlers, can sit any seat, coming from Florida. Contact Karen

50's female paddler needed for liliuokalani race in sept 2015

Looking for a female to join our competitive 50's women's crew. We are paddling Koa Division. Must have exceptional endurance and seriously competitive.

Sr Master male seeks seat for Pailolo 2015

Aloha! My name is Michael & I’m a male senior master paddler seeking a seat for Pailolo 2015. I'm a veteran paddler, strong as a bull, good natured, fit as can be & highly competitive with a fondness for a post- race beer. I usually paddle seat 3 or 4 , maybe 5. I’ll even stroke a boat if my butt fits, but the engine room is where I’m most at home. North Bay Area paddler, hit me up & let’s talk!

Master male paddler for Round The Rock Alcatraz Challenge

Australian mixed crew coming over in August need a male master paddler or older due to unexpected work transfer of one of our paddlers. Good solid crew and fit. We will cover noms and race shirts.
Get back to me either through trhis forum or text +61414955640 or direct
Thanks for any help
Peter Steele

Pack small paddle big. 90 miles to NYC

Pack small paddle big. 90 mile OC6 self sustained paddle from Sag harbor to NYC.
Depart June 16 finish 2 days later. Guerilla camping and eat what we catch and pack.
Contact Jeremy
For some details on what the trip can be like
read this story

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