Notices or changes about upcoming races.

Henry Ayau start time change.

The race is going to start at 8:30 a.m and not at 10:00 this Sunday.

Site Downtime

OCPaddler will be going offline for a short while at 11 pm HI Standard time tonight. Don't plan on writing any long posts at that time. Will be back to normal by morning.

How can we make this site better?

Aloha Paddlers, has been up for almost five years and we are thinking hard about how to improve it. If you can answer a few questions, it would help out a great deal in making the next five years even better. Thank you.

Keizo Gates

oops, I broke it.

I was working on the website Tuesday and managed to break half the site. User logins, link page, Videos, Classifieds, The event calendar, search box and canoe clubs pages may not work. My bad. Sorry for any inconvenience. Things should be back to normal within a few days.


Kaua'i World Challenge updates

Please see the KWC website for updates. Be sure to register online before the end of April to ensure correct XCEL jersey size.

At least I can make a website go fast

Never mind a canoe. I made some database tweaks (mysql query caching) and enabled http compression tonight. The result is a slightly faster page generation time and a much smaller page size transfered between the server and your computer. Or summarized in four words: the website loads faster!

St. Patrick's Day Race Tomorrow (Oahu)

Update: Due to the pollution and closing of Kualoa Beach Park, both race courses will finish at He’eia Pier. Registration will begin at 7:30am near the Lanikai boat ramp. Full info at Keahiakahoe

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