Notices or changes about upcoming races.

Great River Race in London, UK - September 6th 2003

Interested in an oc6 outrigger race in the UK?

We got one for you - the Great River Race 2003 - SEPTEMBER 6th 2003.

20th HAMILTON CUP News Update

As we are celebrating 20 years of outrigger canoe racing at the Coca-Cola
Hamilton Island Cup this year we are going to introduce a couple of new
events into the mix...

Pedal Wa'a Modified OC1

I got to get me one of these canoes! Very cool project built by Clive Armitage of Cobb, Georgia, USA
Check it out over at Human Powered Boats

7th annual Typhoon Gold Coast Cup - Australia

"April 5th, 48km ocean course put on by Northcliffe Outrigger Canoe Club. Introducing the International Club IRON challenge. A RACE NOT TO BE MISSED!" Read on for more Info.

Maui Canoe And Kayak Club's 2003 Hurricane Race Series

Maui has a new website for their oc-1/2 winter series. Photos and results (pdf file) are available from the Dec 14 Fun Run.

Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a Season Schedule and Paddling Swap Meet

The 2003 Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a season schedule is linked up on the the right. Dec 8 will be the annual meeting to discuss last year, this year and to elect board members. There will also be a paddling swap meet where anyone with any paddling related gear can sell or trade. "We hope that this will be a good way for one to sell older equipment, or buy that new or used boat. Hopefully the equipment will be there for someone who is interested to try."-- Kawika. Plans for a paddling clinic is also in the works. The first race follows the next week on Dec 15th.

Weather and Season Schedules Available

The schedules for the Kanaka I Kai Ka Oahu Race Season and the Hawai`i Island Paddlesports Association Year 2003 Race Series have been posted on the right.
Also the weather for Hawaii is listed under the pull down menu on the left.

Stretching prevents injury, but did you know this?

According to an article from the Mayo Clinic "It's most beneficial to stretch after you exercise, when the muscle is heated by blood flow and is more accommodating to stretching." Do you usually stretch before practice? May be something new to tell your coach. The article also has several other useful tips. will soon really be!

We have officially bought the domain name and hopefully it will be up and running later this week!

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