Notices or changes about upcoming races.

Formatting changes on text input... make your forum posts prettier

Some changes were made in the text input formatting. You can now make bold text and italic text easier. Also double dashes -- get converted to the longer, nicer looking em-dash. There are a number of other thing to like smart "quotes", but that covers the ones of most interest. The syntax is Markdown. More tips for formatting your posts here:

Map your canoe club

A couple features were added to the website last weekend. You can now add map coordinates on the canoe club listing page. This adds a Google Map link that allows you to find directions to a canoe club. Check it out on the canoe clubs page. If you don't see your club, you can login and add it. If there is no map for your club, edit the page to add it. I only mapped clubs that I could locate exactly, but if we all chip in it could be a real useful resource.

Also added a paddling link directory back in. Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.



Paddle without your ama video clip

Short clip of Danny Ching in Wailua River back at the Kaua'i World Challenge 2005. Mike Handa from New England Outrigger Canoe Club sent this in a long while back. Make sure you try this sometime.

Popular page and a couple new videos

Some internal website upgrades make the forum look a little odd until it can be fixed. A new popular page is fun to check out. Also two contributed videos: A short, fun Ka'iwi Relay Clip and a longer Surfski with Kaihe Chong.

More website updates

Some updates made today may cause a few things, specifically the forum and event calendar, to look a little odd until I get the chance to fix it. On the bright side a couple new features like the popular page and image search are fun. Let me know if you encounter any other errors.


Paddler profile pages, other website updates

Hi all, just some quick notes:

  • Paddler's page of user profiles is up. Not entirely as nice as it could be, but even unfinished it's still somewhat fun to browse. Still needs a better method to sort than the way it currently lists everyone.
  • Upcoming events have finally been added to the main page. I encourage anyone to submit events not listed in there so we can all know what's going on -- no need to email me, just click 'add event' and it goes up instantly.
  • Anyone got ideas for new polls? suggest a new poll.
  • I'm going to try and keep track of what's going on behind the scenes with the website a bit more with a log page ( for anyone interested.
  • A paddling video is in the works, eta end of summer or fall.
  • Still on the todo list: Bring back weather feature and link directory. Introduce canoe info directory and outrigger web guide/paddling wiki. More photos on the main page. Anything else? Hit me up with an email or comments to this.

Keizo Gates Kaua'i World Challenge this week!

[Paddlers prize Kaua'i races (Honolulu Advertiser)]

A few final updates have been posted to the Kaua'i World Challenge website, including trailer info and the schedule for Friday.
Update: Final registration starts at 4 pm tonight (Friday) at the Carriage House at Kilohana Plantation. See above website for more info.

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