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I guess there's no reason to announce the new look, it's pretty self explaining. Let me know if there are any problems that you never had before though.


Some x-rated links were posted to the forum for a couple hours. I suspect by an automated bot. Sorry it was up for so long, steps have been taken so that it doesn't happen again.

Moloka'i World Championship updates

The Moloka'i solo website has had updates for 2007. The date is Sunday May 20th. The finish is on Waikiki's Queens Beach for a new distance of 32.3 nautical miles (37.2 miles or 59.9 kilometers). There is $25,000 in Cash Prizes. See

Kaua'i World Challenge updates

The Kaua'i World Challenge website has had preliminary updates for 2007. Dates are May 10-13 with the main relay event on Saturday the 12th. $25,000 in Cash Prizes.

Wa Maikai (Good Times) video

A video -- Wa Maikai (Good Times) by Aaron Labuguen is posted that includes footage from paddling on Kaua'i.

Where people paddle

I was browsing through this years website statistics and found some fun facts. Here's a list of places your fellow paddlers are from.

Happy New Year

Videoooos and web loooogs

Three new things:

  • When you post a link to a Google Video or Youtube video it shows up as the video!
  • Web logs are enabled for all users. See your 'My Account' page.
  • The main video section has also been updated.

Speedier website

The website should feel a little snappier -- page generation times were getting lengthy and slow at around 1.4 sec. Now it seems to be around .6 seconds. Should of done this ages ago, but forgot since the server os was reloaded a while back. That's all for tonight.

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