Sept 21 - NZ/HI wins Henry Ayau Mens's International - Oahu

update:[Pacific Paddler Photos] courtesy Ropati
Team NZ/HI 1st, Outrigger, Kai Opua, Lanikai follow.
[Official Results]
[Y2Kanu Photos] courtesy Rick Leton
[NZ/HI Sets Race Record] Honolulu Advertiser Article
[Ayau race turns into no contest] Star Bulletin Article

Sept 13th - E `ilau Hoe Kakou - Maui

[Photos] courtesy Sharon Balidoy
One of the greatest Channel tune-ups you could ever participate in is Maui's E `ilau hoe kakou long distance race. The course is 32 miles. With the first stroke of the race you are out in deep ocean, surfing whatever mother nature has in store for the day. The race starts at Maliko on Mauis north shore, you cut straight across to Kahakuloa, aound the point finishing in the calm waters of Lahaina. It is sponsored by Lae`ula O Kai which means the race is organized and fun, the awards are unique and the food is ono (kalua turkey and pork for all).

In addition to Hawaiian, Lahaina, Napili, Kahana, Wailea and Na Kai Ewalu canoe clubs of Maui Lae`ula O Kai thanks the Eyecatcher women and the men of Kukui O Molokai for their 2nd year of support and Wa`akapaemua for making the trek to Maui.

Watch for next season's schedule so you can plan for it and make it over. Maui welcomes you all.

September 6th - 2003 Great River Race Report - London, England

This year's Great River Race saw 211 boats start, of all classes: 7 outrigger canoes, numerous dragonboats, Thames Cutters, Cornish Gigs, Celtic Longboats, Whalers included.

As usual this is a handicap race, so the outriggers start 66 minutes behind the leaders. A lot of ground to make up but a lot of boats to pass. This is what makes the race so exciting.

Sept 6-7 - NZ/HI & Offshore win Catalina Crossing - California

update:[Mudbrook Paddles Catalina News]
***Offshore 1st Womens
***NZ/HI 1st Mens
[KOA Results]
[Photos] by Luke Evslin
check [] for aritcle

Aug 30 - Kent Island Cup - Maryland

[Photos] by Joshua T. Bekerman
On behalf of Jim, myself, KIOCC and all of Kent Island Yacht club, we would like to say "Mahalo nui loa" to everyone who came to help make the 6th Kent Island Cup a huge success.
Once again, we had brave campers who endured a tough storm, but thankfully it was safely after the race, the party wasn't dampered and the OC1 relays went on as planned Sunday a.m.
We hope everyone arrived back home safely, and again we say.....Mahalo!
Aloha, Deb Hall --- KIOCC

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