Wanted: Used OC-1

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Aloha, I'm currently paddlin' Surfski in Bellingham, WA. I'm very interested in getting into OC-1 and would love to buy a used one for ~$2K. Any info is greatly appreciated. Mahalo, Frank.

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Send me a private message.

Inflatable PFDs - vest vs. belt

I was looking to replace my bulky foam pfd in the near future with something less bulky. There appear to be two options - (manually inflatable) vest or fanny pack pfds. Has anyone had experiences with either of these types of products - while paddling or when you actually had to use it? Any preference? Thanks.

Getting back into paddling - reco for OC

LOOKING FOR SOME ADVICE FOR NOVICE PADDLERS IN 60's. I used to paddle 6 & 9 man teams when in my teens - many years ago. Now my wife and I are both in early 60's are looking for something we can do together to be on the water and stay fit. We both still surf, are in good condition, and thinking paddling an OC-2 may be good for us. Mostly flat water in lakes and such, but also some ocean at times from California to Washington but probably only in good conditions. Probably won't race, but who knows. One friend recommended looking at Huki OC-2, but would like some other advice as well.

Stingray OC-1

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-been stored in garage for past 4 years. good condition. $1600 firm. will throw in OC1 stands (not pictured). call or email if interested in seeing/paddling. boat is currently at Sand Point in Seattle. Troy 206.949.6477 or nishikawat@gmail.com

here are pictures:

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Send me a private message.

Hurricane - West Coast

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Looking to buy a hurricane anywhere from Canada to LA.

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Send me a private message.

Scorpius XM Ultra-light

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Maui made OC-1. Great Condition. Brought it to the Mainland from Maui for the summer. Custom paint by Kai. 1 fixed seat, 1 adjustable. Da Kine canoe and ama bags included. Can deliver to the Portland-Seattle areas around the end of October. $3,850 Kevin 808.344.1181

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Kevin 808.344.1181

Canoe Building

I'm building a fairly large canoe in October/November and am pre-buying my supplies. I'm looking for a formula to figure out how to estimate how much Epoxy Resin I'll need to purchase. Any one out there have a good way to figure it out?

Anybody In Bellingham...

Hey all,

I'll be home visiting my family this weekend and would like the chance to race in the Paddle Grand Prix!

Does anybody have an OC-1 or a Rudderless V1 that I could possibly borrow or rent for this race?

I'm very comfortable in both types of kanu as I raced the entire winter 1-man series here in Southern California, and I paddle with San Diego Outrigger.

Shoot me an email if you can help me out!



Aukahi V1 (rudderless) Available

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If you are in the Pacific Northwest and have been considering rudderless/V1, now could be the right time for you. The original Aukahi to arrive in Seattle is available for you to own.

  • With World Sprints 2012 around the corner you will have ample time to develop your "holding the line" skills that you will need if you plan on attending.
  • Winter's chill can keep even the hardest of PNW paddlers out of the water on some days. The Aukahi provides a nice protection from the elements within its high-rise cockpit. I keep a small dry bag with dry clothes in case of emergency, with other items that could come in handy. Don't get a ticket for not have a life vest, it fits nicely under your seat, no duck tape.
  • One of the big differences between Tahitian V1 and the Aukahi, are the snap in I'ako; easy rig.

To learn more go to: http://seattlevaa.org/adverts/aukahi-v1-available

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Force Five iako repair or replacement - Pacific Northwest

does anyone out there have a connection for either new or used Force Five iako? I believe the front/back are identical. We're looking for a replacement to the rear iako that snapped near the spreader.

Even if it needs to be shipped from California or Hawaii, any suggestion is appreciated.

paul van zwalenburg
seattle outrigger canoe club

note: this was also posted on the yahoo "outrigger" group, so no need to reply here if you already did there.

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