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10th Annual Pailolo Challenge: Sept 17, 2016

Aloha Gang!
Registration for the 10th Annual Pailolo Challenge is open!
The race will be on September 17, 2016 from DT Fleming Beach in Kapalua, Maui to Kaunakakai Pier, Moloka'i.

Registration will CLOSE as soon as we hit our maximum of 90 entries. We already have about 20 crews registered in less than 2 weeks of registration opening.
PLEASE register your crews to secure your entry.

If you have any questions regarding the race or registration, please contact Arianna Gerry at (808)359-8641 or

See you all soon!

Tahitian burning a$$e$

So ? Is everybody dead here ? Noone's gonna say something about Tahitians getting their asses kicked by Kiwis at World Sprints ? You can even add Aussies to the list of people kicking our paddlers a$$e$ ! Who would have bet on that just a week ago ?

Here's what Va'a News Magazine published on their FB page :

Une énorme "BAFFE" ! Voilà ce qu'on a ressenti ici en Australie après cette marée "NOIRE" Néo Zélandaise qui est venue littéralement balayer les Fourmis Rouges Tahitienne.

Injuries - Body Mechanics

I've posted up before about the left 'sleepy leg' and had plenty of good feedback. Now in my sophomore year of OC1 paddling, I'm noticing issues with this aging bod. Mainly, I have super tight hamstrings, hip flexors seem 'pinched' (have an XM with a huki seat which is nice), and found tightness in my thoracic area.

I'm working with a trainer regarding body mechanics and working opposite muscle groups, specific rotational stretches.

KIALOA Student Paddle Scholarship

We are hoping you all can help us spread the word among your young paddlers about the KIALOA student paddle scholarship.

Paddlers 18 and under have the chance to win a free KIALOA outrigger paddle.

How to enter:

Let's give as many Keikis as possible the chance to win a FREE KIALOA outrigger paddle. Spread the word! Up to 7 young paddlers can win!



Kaiwi Relay Live Broadcast

Here we go gang. Our attempt at a live broadcast. Go to paahawaii or our Facebook page and to tune in.


Last seen Saturday April 9th up in the weeds near the Mokumanu Drive right-of-way. White hull/Yellow trip, Name on gunwale is "LEAKALEO." They took the hull and ama only. I have the `iakos at home. Would appreciate any information on its whereabouts.

Looks like the one in the attached picture.

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge update - Prize $$$$

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge on May 29
• OC-1 prize money increased to match surfskis
• Women's division prize money increase if there is enough participation.
• Extended early registration deadline to April 28

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge has increased the OC-1 purse to make the 2016 prize money equal to the surfskis. $2,000.00 for first place in both Surfski solo and OC-1 solo across the line. The new breakdown is as follows:
Cash Awards:
Male SS Male OC-1 Female SS Female OC-1
1st Overall $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $750.00 $750.00

Sprint Regatta Turns

Perhaps someone on the forum can provide some input here. I have always understood that seats 3, 4 and 5 are supposed to 'back off' during a turn and essentially be ready to come alive on the 'out'. My question is this - at what point do they back off? The uni? The kahi? Both?

Transport for canoe, Molokai to Oahu

Hi, bought a rudderless on Molokai and need to get it to Oahu. Anyone have trailer coming back after m2m, or other ideas? Mahalo!

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