Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a OC1 Series

Butch Keahiolalo upsets Mark Frazier in Kauai Race 4 - Feb 13

[Photos & a video clip from the start] by L., K., & M. Denton
Conditions were a mixed bag of wind directions as the long course competitors needed to go a tough paddle upwind first from Pt. Allen for about a mile to Wahiawa bay where they turned on a buoy. Hoping for downwind conditions following the turn worked according to plan until the expected flat portion for the last third of the race turned into another upwind battle as wind direction reversed. For competitors who paddled last year's Kauai World Challenge it was a bit of a flashback. Though short course paddlers did not have to do deal with the head winds in the beginning they did have their share at the end and every competitor got a good workout.

Mark Frazier, Alana Goo, undefeated in Kaua'i Race 3 - Jan 30

[Photos] by Makana Denton
Sunday's course went from Poipu to Pt. Allen for the long course and Kukuiula Harbour to Pt. Allen. The conditions were light winds coming from the east and we had 50 paddlers entering overall.

Photo finish in Kaua'i 2005 Season Opener - Jan 9

[Photos] by Thomas Oliver
[More Photos] by Makana Denton
Nobody can complain about Kauai's 2005 one-man season opener. The night before was the most amazing thunderstorm the island has ever seen (in awhile), with a nonstop strobe-light like lightning display, and many online weather services were predicting rain and low winds. Yet, the morning of the race every paddler on the island must have woken up with a smile on their faces as they woke up to perfectly blue skies and a warm West wind.

Apr 18 - 68 Paddlers Come Out For Kaua`i Island Championship

[Photos] by Makana Denton
It was a great finale to a great season of OC-1, OC-2, and Surfski racing as sixty eight paddlers turned out for our Kaua‘i Island Championship race Sunday, April 18th! Starbucks Coffee was our sponsor for this event and they went above and beyond in providing everyone an ono lunch, great prizes, and beautiful trophies for the winners! Our other sponsors were Quiksilver who also provided some fun prizes for the paddlers (making it possible for almost everyone going home with a “goodie”), Steinlager, and the YMCA of Kaua‘i. This is the third year Kaua‘i Hoe Wa‘a has been in existence, and the YMCA of Kaua‘i has been a great support helping us to grow this sport on our island.

Apr 4 - Kalapaki-Poipu Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a Race 8

[Photos] courtesy Makana Denton
story by Kimberlee Stuart
A break in the clouds and decent winds made the run a good one for Kaua'i Hoe Paddlers in the 7th series race sponsored by Kai Kane's. The cliffs at Mahaluepu looked like a beautiful misty Chinese painting from out in the ocean (for those who perhaps weren't as race-focussed as they should have been!) Long distance competitors paddled from Kalapaki to the Kukuiola Small Boat Harbor in a distance of about 14 miles and the short distance paddlers came in about 2 miles earlier at the Waiohai in Poipu. Paddlers were greeted with food and beverage at the finish down at Brenneke's Beach Park.

Mar 28 - Kapaa-Kalapaki Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a Race 7

[Photos] by Makana Denton
What a great day out on the water for our seventh race of this season sponsored by Duke’s Canoe Club Barefoot Bar and Restaurant! Duke’s treated the paddlers to an excellent lunch and some great prizes at the end of the race, and the view of Kalapaki Bay from their upper deck was sensational! They have been such a great supporter of Kaua‘i Hoe Wa‘a since its inception three years ago, and it’s because of them, and our other wonderful sponsors, that this sport is growing so rapidly.

Mar 14 - Victory at sea for Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a Paddlers

[Photos] by Makana Denton
Recap by Kimberlee Stuart

In a word, "Epic" is probably the best way to describe the conditions and performances in the Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a race this weekend. Blustery wind and wave predictions made for a last-minute course change from the north shore to a Kalapaki to Poipu and Port Allen run. Paddlers braved wild seas for what many will call the best run of the year. Many enjoyed three and four-wave ride connections with fierce wind gusts on their backs helping the down-wind push.

Feb 29 - Tough Conditions Challenged by Kauai'i Paddlers

[Photos] courtesy Makana Denton
by Kimberlee Stuart
Paddlers muddled through sloppy conditions in the YMCA Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a race on Sunday. The decision to change the course due to conditions was well-founded but there just was little in the way of waves to ride. The usual suspects vied for position in the long course with Noe Sawyer taking first in the Open Women and Margie Goodno not far behind. Hipo Princena inched a bit closer to David Beck this run with Butch Keahiolalo and Steve Cole paddling it out for third and forth respectively.

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