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Iako's needed for a KAKU Elua

Anyone in Southern California have a set of iako's for KAKU Elua or can make them?

rudder placement

Anyone know what kind of effect it would have if the rudder were moved way forward, like just behind the seat? Could it keep the rudder in the water on a wave to still have control but maybe allow for a smaller rudder therefore reducing drag? Just a thought.

Plans for the home build.

I have seen them around here before but can't seem to find them. Myself and a friend are looking into trying to produce some OC-1's. Just something pretty affordable for use as team trainers/users. I can't find any of the plans that have been bounced around here in the past. Can anybody help me out or point me in the right direction??

Waveblade ama and Hurricane

anyone that has or still uses a waveblade ama on a hurricane i'm interested in some feedback...pros, cons, rigging, etc. does it make much of a difference ?

Attaching spare paddle to OC-1

I noticed a few canoes have brackets for attaching a spare paddle laying flat with the blade behind the seat and the shaft toward the tail of the canoe. Seems sleeker than intertubing it to the iako. Anyone have a suggestion on how to do this (I have a fusion) like glueing some velcro loops? Is there any problem with this position for the spare paddle like having a wave drive the paddle into your back or anything like that?

Thanks for advice

unlimited class?

When will a boat be made of all carbon. I mean imagine a Pahoa being able to have six seats and just one iako with a small ama and a rudder. Six expert paddlers will fly on the water and might be able to do molokai?Think about this idea.Bad or good?

Bent Iako bolts

I have a bent Iako bolt on my ama. Any suggestions on a fix, method of straightening, replacing the bolts or ama...

Smaller rudder for Hurricane?

Does anyone produce a smaller rudder for the Hurricane that the 9" model it comes standard with? If not specific for Hurricane, do other brands/designs work or can be modified to work?

I am often paddling in small conditions and from what I have learned, smaller rudder = more speed.


Grip on Paddle and Bent shaft paddles.....thoughts please!

Reaching forward to sink in the catch with good stretch seems to really make a difference in getting some good speed going, but in the stretched forward position, it is true that you are gripping the paddle mostly with the thumb and index. Wet hands (and possibly the residue of sun screen) make the wood paddle slippery and when I am trying to sprint really hard the lower pulling hand slips occasionally and shoots up the paddle. On the top hand which is pushing down to bury the blade in the water this slipping causes a sudden external rotation which really did a number on my shoulder, which has been dislocated before. This only happens when I am trying to sprint with max effort but I now get the idea of having a bent shaft paddle and how being able to pull really hard in the streched forward position with a solid grip is and interesting idea! or doing something to rough up the slick wood shaft. By all measures I think I have a strong grip. Anyone have a problem with the paddle slipping when sprinting and if so is there a tape or wrap that can help?

Thanks for advice!

Help. Novice question about rigging ama & balance...

Just had my canoe out for the thrid time and I did not tip over but I do notice I am a bit sore on my left hip. I think the fear of tipping over causes my to ride my weight to the left on the ama as evidenced by the sore left hip. I dont really have a sense of the balance point...it seems very stable when the ama is near the water or an inch or two above and then past that point it dumps over fast. On my canoe (oc fusion) the front of the ama snaps in but the back of the ama is adjustable. When I went for my first ride it was suggested that I push the back rod in 3-4 inches, and there is quite a bit more room to raise the ama by pushing in the rod. I don't know if as I progress I want to slowly get the ama higher (like raising a training wheel on a bike) so I am not putting my weight on the ama and am rather balancing the boat somewhat with the ama a bit higher. I dont know what drills to go about learning how to balance the boat (I dont have access to a surf ski to learn) I read that when you are paddling on the right you should get your ama to lift a bit and skim.

Any advice here greatly appreciated, I dont want to lean in on the ama and slow myself down even more, but I am still very novice.

Thank you!

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