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Paddle Size

I'm curious what size paddles people are using. I heard the trend is shorter paddles.

I am 5'10" and use a 50" or 51"

Could you list your height and paddle size? This is a completely curious unscientific study

Mahalo nui!


Anyone familiar with the v-1 canoes ,what is hot in v-1 scene now,post some picts

The Fiberglass Shop Outrigger Canoes

Just bought an old outrigger from a buddy. He said it came from Hawaii. It measures 27" from stem to stern and has "The Fiberglass Shop Outrigger Canoes" on the bow. Anyone have any background on this company. I need to restring the steering cables for the rudder to the foot pedals and wanted to talk to someone from the shop if it was still around.

How much of a factor is the weight of the canoe on performance?

Assume that there are two canoes of identical design, materials, etc. The "only" difference between them is that one weighs 28 pounds and the other 34 pounds fully rigged. Both canoes are not affected by the weight difference in terms of the strength and the long-term integrity of the canoe. Assume also that both canoes are paddled by the same paddler (assume he/she weighs 170 lbs) and under the same conditions.

What would you expect to find when the canoes are raced in (i) flat water, (ii) upwind and (iii) downwind conditions under sprint and endurance events?

Is 6lbs a detriment or contributor to performance in terms of who wins the race?

Question for Fusion owners....

due to the high sides of the fusion, is it an exceptionally hard boat to climb onto from the right after a huli? I am heavy so I am sure that doesn't help. I can do all the dips pushups, pool dips, pullups etc but it is a long way up and out of the water with the high sides. Getting in on ama side = no problem.


New to oc1

I would like to get into oc1,former windsurfer 240lbs 5'10 wailuku side. I know i've got to loose 40# at least.
Seeking 411 on canoe type I should buy (used). recreational/exercise mentality, please kokua.
I 'll probably be learning in kahului harbor.
mahalo nui loa

Carbon fiber dings

I dinged the bottom of my canoe and now it's taking on water; about a cup every hour. I have no experience patching carbon fiber anything and need advice on how to patch the dings and make them water tight. Can anyone help?

Carbon Wave Blade for Fitness / Recreation - Bad Idea?

I'm a novice paddler on the North shore of Maui. I want to buy an OC-2 or an OC-3 to use with friends to spend time on the water and stay in shape for surfing over the summer and maybe try fishing. If I lived on a lake I would buy one of those plastic canoes at Costco but I figure I need something a little more substantial on account of the overhead windswell here.

I'm not keen on racing and I would say that looking after fragile sports equipment is not one of my greatest strengths.

I have the opportunity to buy a used carbon Wave Blade OC-2. It seems like a nice boat but I get the feeling it might be a little too racy for a casual user like me. If anybody has some advice, I would be very grateful.

Best way to attach a Forerunner 305 GPS to my boat

Just wonder if any of you could share methods you've used to mount a Forerunner GPS watch to your boat. It needs to be mounted on an angle so I can read it. I'd still like to use it as a watch for other sports (meaning I don't necessarily want to remove the straps every time). It's being attached to a Fusion. I was thinking of attaching it to the ridge between the footwells.

My next question is going to be how would you recommend I have the chines removed from my boat. After the latest discussion, I've just been blaming them for me being slow.... Just Kidding! I love my boat. Solidly built. Beautiful. And I know that at least the boat is competent in big waves - even if I'm not.

Penticton Canada

Best glue for closed cell foam (oc-1 seat)

I did the search and recommended glue (rubatex glue) was nowhere to be found at home depot, and the clerk did not know what is was. I was going to get some 3m super 77 spray adhesive but I figured I would ask. I am glueing a thin layer of foam to the bottom of my seat and then glueing the velcro to that new layer and velco to the boat (which has alread come off after 4 months)

Thanks for a recommendation

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