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How shape a seat for a hurricane?

Gentlemen, please be kind with your posts. Compared to most of you I'm fairly new to paddling (2nd year OC-6, 1st year OC-1) and I need to make a new seat for my hurricane. I have 2 pieces of foam, so I have a little room for error. My question is where to start?

Do It start with an outline of my okole(luckily smaller than the piece of foam)? Next I wonder about how high the side's should go, how much room to leave in the back, depth of leg area and how much space to leave to attach to the canoe?

Last part is what tools do you recommend and where do I buy them? After I purchase them, how do I use them? I live in So Cal and have access to numerous shops. I'm a girl who likes to build/work with tools, however New Yankee workshop hasn't tackled this project.

I take paddling very seriously and realize I need to be able to do things on my own. So any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated by my Okole. Stock hurricane seats are just plain mean.

Mahalo for your Kokua

New IHE paddle

Howzit, Finally a different paddle shape that works very well. This shape is intended for the one or two man vaa. The Tahitians have used something similar I've been told. So this idea is not new, but refined. What this shape will do for you is make you more efficient with the higher stroke count. As the Tahitians are proving right now, stroke count is huge. This paddle is super clean on the entry and release. I have to thank Pat of Onno for helping me with the R&D. IHE means spear and thats where the inspiration came from. The Hawaiians used paddles that were sharp to also be used as spears. You can contact Steve Blyth for demo.

Adjustable Canoe Paddle

What about a canoe paddle with an adjustable Lenght Lock System like the one Epic use on their paddles. I was playing with my computer this morning and end up with this design.

Ohana Paddles

Last time I was in Kona, I saw wooden paddles called Ohana paddles. They looked beautiful and was wondering if anyone has used them and how they were. I realized that the head of the paddles looked bigger than regular paddles?

rudder shaft tube repair

My OC-2 Stingray rudder shaft tube has separated from the hull. The rudder took a good hit causing the connection between the tube (that the rudder shaft goes through) and the bottom of the hull to fail. The hull takes on water at the connection beween the rudder tube and the bottom of the hull. I tried filling the crack with marine epoxy (not sure if I got a good enough bond) but it did not connect the tube to the hull. Any suggestions on how to fix??

Or, anyone know of a good repair person on Kauai??

Storage for OC1 canoe

Moving from Big Island to Oahu, Waikikki. Looking for affordable, safe storage along the ala wai canal.

Ma'a Afi

Was considering buying the Ma'a Afi from Pineula Va'a, but don't know anybody who owns one. Does anyone have any reviews? comments ?

looking for supplier of outrigger canoe carts on mainland


Search function is not working for me.... Can anyone point me to sellers of 6 man outrigger canoe carts (for rolling them to the water)?


2 person for recreational/trolling

I am looking into a 2 person for recreational use when the surf is flat,and want to lash a light fishing pole to the' iako so I can troll at the same time,more fun than stand up paddling for me.Anyone have any advice as to the model/manufacturer here in Hawai'i?is the standard 'iako strong enough,or does it have to be reinforced?What's your mana'o?Mahalo

Brand name PFD you have actually used to paddle in and recommend?

In this forum, I've seen all those recommendations for inflatable lifejackets that you can wear around your waist. I spent 35 years with inflatable lifejackets and know them to be &*(%$^%. The lever mechanisms and puncture pins always corrode up, the CO2 capsules leak, and you don't know where you stand unless you do very DETAILED maintenace daily. They are something like Dumbo's feather, a magic talisman to satisfy a legal requirement with no true practical value. The last thing I elect to do on saltwater is to trust my life to ferrous metals or their alloys.

Who has a foam lifejacket that they feel offers a good comfortable fit that does not interfere..much...with their stroke.

I've seen the Mocke advertised by Ocean Paddle Sports, but know it is NOT USCG approved. I look at it and cannot see where the foam is. I also note it has a place for hydration, which has to make it heavy when it is on your back out of the water.

Yeah, yeah, I know they all chafe and give you an uneven tan. Favorites? Ones you've seen in a catalog or store that you'd buy if you didn't have religious convictions about wearing lifejackets?

Personally I'm thinking of weaving kapok into my jams.

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