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paddling the Wackey shaft verses a double bend

FNG here(new guy) I just moved to the bay area and from surf ski to OC1, I bought a Zepher from oceanohana (thanks Chris)Lisa likes her Fuze as well!!. I am now an addict. I paddle to work, afternoon down hills weekends, etc.. lots of miles. The question, I am a skinny bas$%d and am getting a litle wrist fatigue.
I have read the old threads and thanks Rambo I have lightened up the grip!! Shawn, you speak of the wackey shaft several months ago. Still use that, I know you jumped in with both feet as well.
Thanks all for the awesome videos and advice.


Rudder fell off my hurricane and I will be molding a new rudder on the rod (that attaches to the hull) and am looking for design ideas.
haven't yet decided if I will make the rudder a spare for flat -small, less drag, or bigger for better downwind maneuverability. I guess it depends on how feasible the design.
My original idea was to shape a mold based off of the current outrigger zone rudder and reduce size by 20-30% and use in flat water, if not satisfied with result then I would just increase the size by placing in new larger mold to test for downwind. Thoughts?
Hows this rudder developed by Epic:
<img src="http://www.epickayaks.com/download/journals/images/news/2008/18X-rudder />

paddling in cold weather...


What do you recommand against cold weather (well, not that cold, air temp. around 10-15°C and water temp. 11-13° C ) to paddle ?
For you people in warm areas, please com here to know what I'm talking about before living any sarcastic comments... :-)
I would like to keep paddling in winter too.

Pics of Tahitian Canoes

Bartman, sorry to be so slow... Hope those pics can help.

Those are pics of a "training" V6. It's a Brander. In Kanu Culture, Vol10 2004, you can see Outrigger Australia paddling the same canoe in a channel race in the Marquesas.

From Shape Va'a

From Shape Va'a

From Shape Va'a

Makana Ali'i Blade

Looking for new or used 49'' Makana Ali'i blade can anyone help or forward information?

Speaking of Big Guys...

Aloha! I'm a novice paddler and hoping to get an OC-1...but here's the problem: I'm shortier and bulkier... I"m like 5'6" and 220 I know...i gotta stop eating spam musubi's and ease up on the green bottles... All kidding aside, should I go with a Kai Wa'a Scorpius or Arcturus? They seem to be for paddlers who are on the heavier end of the spectrum?? I've heard the Pegasus is good but have yet to demo one.. Any input would be great! Mahalo Nui!


Any cheap ways to ship an OC-1 from Maui (or other HI islands) to Oahu?

I want to ship my one man for some races on other islands, but can not find a cheap way to move it. I called the Superferry, thinking that it would only be about a hundred bucks one way to ship, but they won't take any oversized items over 13". It would cost $365 to take a car w/ racks roundtrip that way- not really worth it. Anyone with experience or ideas? Many thanks for any help!

Thoughts on a OC1 for a 200-210 lber


I am looking to get an OC-1 but am having a bit of trouble trying to narrow down the choices. I'm located in the States on the east coat, am 5'11", 32" inseam, roughly 210 lbs., and am looking to paddle the boat primarily on flat watter but with a focus of getting to the point of doing some ocean races. I have seen the threads that suggest that I do some research, look at the OC1 comparison chart and demo the boats first.

I've done some research, started to talk with some folks and looking to demo a Hurricane in the next week or so. There's quite a few boats on the OC1 comparison chart that seem to fall witihn my range, but the sizing (specifically the recommended weight range) seems to be a bit vague especially when you visit some of the manufacturers sites. As such, I am not sure what boats to target.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.



First OC1

hey so i'm looking for a good all around boat and have kind of been looking at a pegasus or a huki V1-Z. I don't really have my heart set on either of them yet so i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.


Pegasus question ?

I was not aware the the Pegasus was aval in both carbon and 'glass ....is this true ??

I ask this because I ordered/bought a carbon Pegasus a year ago and over time I have gotten a few dings around the footwells from change overs and it chipped the top coat of paint off it and what was exposed was a yellow/whiteish colored lay-up . I always though if it was carbon it would be a black material the would be exposed . I called the dealer that sold it to me and he said that it was carbon and it was just the color of the resin that I saw and in fact it is a carbon boat ?

Is he correct .......or should it be a black colored lay-up ? Just want to make sure it is a carbon boat I got

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