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regulations for Boatbuilding (OC6)

I need some info’s. I can’t find regulations for Boatbuilding. I would like dising a new OC6, but I find no regulations. There are other regulations like the minimum Hull Weight from 150 Kg??????
Please help me :-)

Split seam repair on Huki X ama

After some heavy pounding recently, the seam has split for about 8 " on one side at the front of my ama, where the front iaku attaches. Is there a relatively simple repair procedure for this? The layup is super light carbon-kevlar and has a gelcoat finish. Any advice would be appreciated.

Best-est OC6 ever made

Through the years, I've heard rumours and snippets about teams using super light OC6 constructed out of carbon that was so light, 6 guys could carry it on their shoulders. I've never seen one of these canoes less confirm that they even exist. I'd love to see teams compete in an open class during the long distance season using the best equipment available with minimal restrictions in design and weight. Sort of like "choose your weapon" or "run what you brung" classes that can compete solely in their categories just like the Koa or Malia classes that exist. Has anybody seen or paddled one of these super duper canoes? If so, what do you know about it?

Wall or Ceiling racks for my new OC-1 and how much?

Where can I find good racks for my new Tiger Canoe? I want to put it in my garage but I don't want to leave it on the floor. It's sitting on boxes right now and I am afraid I will put a dent in my expensive toy. Any help would be appreciated.

Oleole Hawaii

18 mph on flat water!

Check this out...http://www.foilkayak.com/.

Be sure to watch the video. Very impressive, but no way it will work on anything but glass-smooth water.

Heart rate monitor & GPS units.

Hi all,
Just thought I'd see if anybody has any new advice or thoughts on the combo heart rate monitor/GPS units? Which are best for Macs?
Thanks, Frogdog

Fusion vs. Hurricane

I'm in the market for an OC1 and am having a hard time deciding between these two. Is either one a better boat than the other?

John Martin's OC 1 Naia Iki vs Outrigger Connection's Fuze


I'm thinking about buying an OC-1, I guess fiberglass because I'd like a strong boat and I don't plan on racing, just paddling recreationally. I'm considering John Martin's Naia Iki and Outrigger Connection's Fuze. Does anybody have any advice?

Thanks for any and all input.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I can't figure out how to search for previous discussions.

Aloha, Frogdog

Damaged OC-1 Iakos

I had a bad day in the surf with my Elua and damaged my iakos. They are not only bent, but twisted as well. Because of the twisting, I can't fix them. Even if I could get them back to the original position, I would disrupt the integrity of it so much that I would be afraid to use them in any thing by flat water. Do I need to buy new ones from Kaku or can I, should I have them made somewhere? Any suggestions?

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