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Bent Iako bolts

I have a bent Iako bolt on my ama. Any suggestions on a fix, method of straightening, replacing the bolts or ama...

Smaller rudder for Hurricane?

Does anyone produce a smaller rudder for the Hurricane that the 9" model it comes standard with? If not specific for Hurricane, do other brands/designs work or can be modified to work?

I am often paddling in small conditions and from what I have learned, smaller rudder = more speed.


Grip on Paddle and Bent shaft paddles.....thoughts please!

Reaching forward to sink in the catch with good stretch seems to really make a difference in getting some good speed going, but in the stretched forward position, it is true that you are gripping the paddle mostly with the thumb and index. Wet hands (and possibly the residue of sun screen) make the wood paddle slippery and when I am trying to sprint really hard the lower pulling hand slips occasionally and shoots up the paddle. On the top hand which is pushing down to bury the blade in the water this slipping causes a sudden external rotation which really did a number on my shoulder, which has been dislocated before. This only happens when I am trying to sprint with max effort but I now get the idea of having a bent shaft paddle and how being able to pull really hard in the streched forward position with a solid grip is and interesting idea! or doing something to rough up the slick wood shaft. By all measures I think I have a strong grip. Anyone have a problem with the paddle slipping when sprinting and if so is there a tape or wrap that can help?

Thanks for advice!

Help. Novice question about rigging ama & balance...

Just had my canoe out for the thrid time and I did not tip over but I do notice I am a bit sore on my left hip. I think the fear of tipping over causes my to ride my weight to the left on the ama as evidenced by the sore left hip. I dont really have a sense of the balance point...it seems very stable when the ama is near the water or an inch or two above and then past that point it dumps over fast. On my canoe (oc fusion) the front of the ama snaps in but the back of the ama is adjustable. When I went for my first ride it was suggested that I push the back rod in 3-4 inches, and there is quite a bit more room to raise the ama by pushing in the rod. I don't know if as I progress I want to slowly get the ama higher (like raising a training wheel on a bike) so I am not putting my weight on the ama and am rather balancing the boat somewhat with the ama a bit higher. I dont know what drills to go about learning how to balance the boat (I dont have access to a surf ski to learn) I read that when you are paddling on the right you should get your ama to lift a bit and skim.

Any advice here greatly appreciated, I dont want to lean in on the ama and slow myself down even more, but I am still very novice.

Thank you!

snapped Hurricane cable/safety while paddling

I have a Hurricane that I purchased in 2005, it is the model that has the Spectra cables that run completely through the inside of the boat (unlike the previous model where the cable would be visible at the tail near the rudder). I am wondering, if one of the cables were to break while out paddling, do I have any options other than using rubber to tie the rudder in place straight (I carry old cut up lengths of bicycle tubing when I go out)? I know some guys when their older model Hurricanes had cable breaks midpaddle they would tie a length of fishing line outside the boat from the pedal to the rudder control in the back on top of the boat; but my model has everything enclosed inside of the boat so I don't see how something like that is possible with my boat.

I do try to be extra careful because sometimes I paddle by myself and even though I stay close in I would like to be prepared for any situation, and so I'm looking for more options on the broken cable thing. I experimented and rubbered the rudder in place once and tried to paddle around with it like that.......and it's super difficult, I don't know if I could get my sorry ass back to shore doing that.

Also, if anyone has any advice on how often the functioning Spectra cables should be replaced as routine preventive maintenance, please chine (har, har, har) in. I've heard opinions from "that stuff never snaps" to "you should be replacing that every year". Really appreciate any input, thank you.


48" blue Kialoa Lani Kai hybrid carbon

I have an outrigger canoe paddle that I would like to sell.

Its a blue Kialoa Lani Kai hybrid carbon 48". Its only been used a few times

I understand that they cost around 200.00 new and I would like to get $100.00 for it.

Tracy 254-466-6930

Thule roof mount system 175.00 OBO

Thule roof mount system w/ locks, wind fairing, and J hooks. 50 inch load bars will fit most compact cars.

If interested please call Tracy 254-466-6930.

replacing rudder cable tube

any advice would be greatly appreciated. i had a small problem now it's a big problem. i was replacing a rudder cable and could not push it through the tube. i figured it was a strand of the old cable probably kinked inside, which it was. i decided to attach the new cable to one end of the tube and pull the tube out. thus having the new cable as a means of pulling another tube back through the canoe. anyway the cable got detached from the tube and now i need to replace the tube. i'm guessing that i need to make a hole(s) for access i just need some guidance. by the way i think it's an old honu if that makes a difference.


Does anybody have any suggestions for a GPS to use for training purposes in an OC1?



i've been seeing paddles with carbon T-tops. can anyone tell me where i can buy one??????

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