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ama rigging

Help. Having completed the Molokai on a ski I was completely in awe of the outriggers on the island. several years later I now have my hands on a four man and am completely clues as to how a) should attach the spar to the boat and b) what sort of angle i should aim for. I have rope and rubber inner tube; is it a case of lashing something up or is there something a little more technical i should be using e.g. knots etc.

Cheers, clueless in cornwall!

Scorpious versus Pegasus

OK everyone, I am new to this site, so go easy. I am from Sydney Australia. I've paddled a pegasus for the past 6 months or so and am in the process of ordering a new scorpious. I weigh 100kgs (thats about 220pds for you non metric types), but I look much thinner in the right light....... (dark, for example)

What can I expect the difference to be in different conditions (smooth water, downwind, into the wind etc). Any other comments would be appreciated like seat comfort, ama performance (does it run in the water like a hurricane or skip along the top like the pegasus?) is it easy to lift the ama, and really, anything else you think of worth commenting on would be great. There arent many here yet, but I am told the new scorpious is fantastic and will be much quicker downhill for a heavier dude while not giving anything away on the smooth water or into a headwind. Your feedfback would be really appreciated. I've looked through the various paddling sites, and not really seen anything specific on the scorpious yet. Maybe there is already some review info available??

ciao for now, Trevor.

Hose Bib Water Pipe Tap

Anybody sell or get instruction for make portable hose bib for tap the water pipe in the park?

Replacement Hurricane Seat


Anyone know a vendor that makes an aftermarket seat for the Hurricane or has made one themselves.

The seat doesnt hold me in like other boats, but sure does have the leverage.

Thank you!


I was wondering what the best way to carry around water to keep yourself hydrated during a long distance race?

Blade/Shaft Angle

Why does an OR blade/shaft path need to remain vertical but a kayak or surfski blade can be at an angle? With all things being equal, the pressure on the back of the blade is the same whether vertical or slightly angled.

I have long arms so it’s easier for me to keep my arms straighter if I put a slight angle to the blade/shaft, allowing me to use my larger torso/back muscles throughout the stroke. Staying vertical and drawing straight down next to the boat causes more bending of my lower arm thus using the smaller muscles of my arm.

I know what your supposed to do, but haven’t found out exactly why there is a difference between the two blade/shaft angles.

paddling in warm weather.....

How is it done??? ....

What do you wear??

Just seeing if yer all awake!

Paddle shaft shortening

I'm going to acquire a paddle that's a bit too long for me. How do I go about removing the T-top off of the wooden shaft so I can shorten the length. Any good solvents, heat,?, etc. Thanks

Restoring paddles/iatos

am looking at cleaning up some old paddles and iakos on my canoe, and wondering what the general consensus is on protecting agents ie varnish or oils? Some of the kayak guys i´ve talked to (who restore a lot of paddles/Greenland style kayaks) say a good oil is the only way to go - something about not trapping moisture inside the wood.

I´m a little concerned on a paddle the oil would make changes pretty dodgy - anyone out there with experience?

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