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first one man.. advice?

hi everybody,
i'm shopping around for a rudderless one man but there are so many makes and models to chose from. i'm an adaptive paddler, about 140 lbs. i recently tried the tiger tevanui at the world sprints and LOOOVED it, but dont see them around much.

any advice would be great.


Got OC1 for a big guy?

Aloha all
I am a really huge guy (350+), lost 37 lbs in the last 2 months paddling an Ocean Kayak Tandem SOT kayak, this is my sole form exercise as I have bad knees.
My question is that I'd like to get out on a one man canoe but can't seem to find one that will support me, seems like they're only for lighter paddlers, then I read some of your comments on the Arrow, is this something I should be looking for.
are there any others that I can look at?
any input will be appreciated.

mahalo and stay dry


What do YOU do with the ^%^&* lifejacket?

OC-1 question:

So you've decided not to wear your lifejacket today, but the Coast Guard requires you have one.

Where do you stow it?

What non-inflatable brand and model is easiest to stow?

Fixing pressure dings on hull

Whats up all..

First post on the forums as I just picked up a lightly used Hurricane and enjoyed my maiden voyage this week. My question is that I noticed some pressure dings on the hull and also up on top and wondered if anyone had any ideas how to "pop" them out.

I do not believe I have one of the "soft sponge" boats as it seems to not get any pressure dings with putting pressure on it with my hand. I did however.. :( hit the side of the hull once when I caught a decent runner and being new to this boat was a little unbalanced.. long story. I ended up stupidly hitting the hull in the last half of my stroke and put a nice dent in the hull.. suprisingly its the exact shape and profile of 3 inches of my blade..haha

::Cue the MacGyver tips on making your hull appear virgin once again::

advice on 1 man

Hey guys, i need some advice about 1 mans. I was looking at either the kamanu pueo or karels fuze. I had my mind set on the pueo since it seems newer and is probably gonna stick around longer than the fuze. For those who do own the pueo, what is your opinion on it, and if you have also had any experience with the fuze, how do they compare? I was told by a coach of mine that the fuze would probably be a little too big for me. I am about 120 lbs and 5'9".

Thanks for all your help,

hawaii kai to kaimana..

Just was wondering if anybody rushes the run solo...and how long does it usually take if your a novice....and what would be the best course...i just started and i wanna rush it solo...but not too sure yet....

Looking to buy a iako for a honu one man

crap broke my schools one... and now i have to find another one... i am looking for a honu one man iako that is screw on... if you have one send me a message at watanabec09@gmail.com


leach + OC1


Is it safer to be attached to the OC1 by a leach ?
To leg ? Knee ? Iato ?
Is a classical surf leach possible ?

Any tips and advices are welcome !

Thanks in advance

iako/ama connection retap?

calling out for some help on this one....

my newish canoe has a small problem. No matter how hard I tighten the rear thumbscrew on the ama, the flange in the iako connection does not really connect with the iako.

As a result it's tight enough for the iako not to pop out, but so loose as to re-adjust itself every bump it goes over. the canoe ends up ama heavy and leaning left. Closer inspection shows the hole is only threaded/tapped part way down -

can this be retapped?

Using GPS to improve technique...please advise.

I was so excited to get my GPS and get some feedback on my stroke. I went to a kayak shop and the guy said the Garmin etrex was great and he had not heard any problems with leaking. BUT watching the speed jump around with the delay did not really give me any real time data that was useful. With the "average speed while moving" it is cool to see at the end of a long run but when you push really hard the number have a delay before they move so I seemed to do just as well with my stop watch on the known distances I am paddling.

My rowing buddies say that the impeller driven devices are the way to go to watch the stroke and that if you are trying to determine your best stroke on the flat that is the way to get real time feedback.

I got this from the archieve:

"What I love about the Speedmate is that if you are working on stroke technique and tuning (e.g. try a different blade angle, or slightly change your mechanics), then you see the results of the change(s) immediately. I find such feedback very useful. I use my GPS but not so much for stroke tuning and improvement. The sampling on a GPS tends to make "cause and effect" stroke tuning much less effective IMO."

Do different GPS units have settings so you can get an averaged number that updates more often so you can get "smooth" but responsive numbers and arent just delayed and bouncing?

The whole speed on the water vs landspeed is another can of worms I am reading about in the archieves. Thanks for reply

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