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best paddle

what is your favorite paddle? and why?

behold....the Machete

I recently built this rudder for Cali waters. Getting good feed back. Anybody else think they'd be interested? If I get enough response I may mold it. The rudder/removable kelp cutter assembly would cost about $250 installed.

Fuze vs Pegasus?

Looking to buy a canoe soon and was wondering if anyone has paddled in both of these canoes. pros/cons?

oc-1 layup

down here (Argentina) i am building the firsts oc-1, handglassed regular fiberglass, no vacummbag system yet, so the question is: to be on 40 pounds or less (18kg) hull and 6 pounds ama, what layup you recomend ???
your Kokua is highly apreciated!!!
aloha nui!

Fin/ Skegs opinions

Anyone who has serious knowledge about fin/ skeg design and its relation to oc-1 performance, please post your expertise, all sacrcastic people, please spare me, mahalo.


anybody would be interested to buy a kaiwaa polaris. let me know ill be selling mines in a couple of weeks.

Nano Resin

I'd like to see something like this make it to the OC market.

type of car?

Out of curiosity, what type of cars do you generally find the most suitable to support your racing habits?

Obviously being able to conveniently sling your outrigger on top is a requirement, and equally obvious is one can make any type of vehicle work for them. But I'd like to know if you guys have found anything that you think would be idea. ie sport wagons, Suv/cuv's, sedans, hatchbacks etc..

older Hurricane iakos

Hello everyone: my club has an older model Hurricane that doesn't have the twist lock iakos, it has the kind that have the metal "button" that snaps into one of three positions into the canoe. The button part is this metal v-shaped clip that is now not doing its job - sometimes it gets stuck inside the iako and we have to dig it out, sometimes it is falling right out of the iako.

I can rebend this button-clip so it's a little more snug in the iako, but I don't see this as a long term fix, does anybody else have this problem? Can a new clip even be purchased anymore? Any other ideas on a way to attach this type of iako to the boat? otherwise the canoe works great.

thanks, gg

Hybrid Paddle Comparison

I know they say that its the paddler and not the paddle that matters, but for me every blade feels different and I was just wondering what you guys thought to be the most popular, reliable, blade around. Looking for information on hybrid paddles, Ive got a xylo carbon and an older Quick Blade, but Ive always been curious about Makana Ali'i's blades, Kialoas, Mana Blades, and others.

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