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HYPR is back !!!

You won't believe it...
goodwaka at least they do't claim it's V1 related...
sorry fuze, it has no chines !
eckhart, I don't have any specs (lenght, weight, seaworthyness, max speed, etc.) Nothing !

maoliwaa paddles

Just wanted to know if anyone has had good results from maoliwaa paddles. Seem like great paddles but we all know how ordering from across the way can sometime be. Delivery time? Product quality? etc. I would really like to find a good quality all wood double bend since my classic savage river broke last year. Tried others- do not like them How are the Tahitians doing?

A hui hou.........poidog

New Tevanui: a sneak peek

Couple images of our newest Tevanui va'a model. Plug is nearly completed and tooling will be started soon.


Can I fix a broken ama from an OC-1

I pitch-poled my buddies stingray into the sand last night and when I came up the ama was ripped in half about a quarter of the way down off the nose. I've seen hobie cat hulls damaged like this and simply glassed back together, but I'm not sure if the same techniques would apply here given the materials. Anybody know how to fix this thing? or, where I can find a used ama for cheap, I live in north carolina. Thanks much.

New Boats: TAHITOA and TEMANA check um out. www.maoliwaa.com

These are two of the V-1 models offered from maoli wa’a. These boats are the best of their kind they can be ordered with a rudder attachment for the new oc-1 paddlers or rudderless for the paddler that likes a smoother paddle with less drag from a rudder. The beauty behind the rudder attachment is that you can use the rudder until your comfortable with the boat then you can remove it (its not a permanant rudder). The boats are offered in many different color options or even custom paint jobs. Also offered buy maoli wa’a are some of the finest handcrafted paddles made by tahiti rame. Visit www.maoliwaa.com for more information and any inquries.

foam for bungee net


I am looking to improve the rear storage net on my Kaimana. Where can I buy sheets of high density foam with an adhesive backing? this stuff doesn;t have to be thick, I just want to keep stiff from wiggling around under the bungie net.

I've walked miles in Home Depot, hobbie stores..

any suggestions for this? the hurricanes appear to have this under the bungie net..


I was looking at race photos from the Kanaku Ikaika race (almost all Pueo's??) and I was wondering why the ama on the Pueo looks so straight (flat?) with very little upward curve? Also the iakos look very straight also. When I looked at the Kamanu Composites website, I thought the ama on their website looked a little different than the ones in the race but can't be sure. Can someone comment?

Makana Ali'i paddles

We're coming to Oahu next week and was wondering where I can find one of these paddles or who has any aval for sale ? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated


ama rigging

Help. Having completed the Molokai on a ski I was completely in awe of the outriggers on the island. several years later I now have my hands on a four man and am completely clues as to how a) should attach the spar to the boat and b) what sort of angle i should aim for. I have rope and rubber inner tube; is it a case of lashing something up or is there something a little more technical i should be using e.g. knots etc.

Cheers, clueless in cornwall!

Scorpious versus Pegasus

OK everyone, I am new to this site, so go easy. I am from Sydney Australia. I've paddled a pegasus for the past 6 months or so and am in the process of ordering a new scorpious. I weigh 100kgs (thats about 220pds for you non metric types), but I look much thinner in the right light....... (dark, for example)

What can I expect the difference to be in different conditions (smooth water, downwind, into the wind etc). Any other comments would be appreciated like seat comfort, ama performance (does it run in the water like a hurricane or skip along the top like the pegasus?) is it easy to lift the ama, and really, anything else you think of worth commenting on would be great. There arent many here yet, but I am told the new scorpious is fantastic and will be much quicker downhill for a heavier dude while not giving anything away on the smooth water or into a headwind. Your feedfback would be really appreciated. I've looked through the various paddling sites, and not really seen anything specific on the scorpious yet. Maybe there is already some review info available??

ciao for now, Trevor.

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