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Blade/Shaft Angle

Why does an OR blade/shaft path need to remain vertical but a kayak or surfski blade can be at an angle? With all things being equal, the pressure on the back of the blade is the same whether vertical or slightly angled.

I have long arms so it’s easier for me to keep my arms straighter if I put a slight angle to the blade/shaft, allowing me to use my larger torso/back muscles throughout the stroke. Staying vertical and drawing straight down next to the boat causes more bending of my lower arm thus using the smaller muscles of my arm.

I know what your supposed to do, but haven’t found out exactly why there is a difference between the two blade/shaft angles.

paddling in warm weather.....

How is it done??? ....

What do you wear??

Just seeing if yer all awake!

Paddle shaft shortening

I'm going to acquire a paddle that's a bit too long for me. How do I go about removing the T-top off of the wooden shaft so I can shorten the length. Any good solvents, heat,?, etc. Thanks

Restoring paddles/iatos

am looking at cleaning up some old paddles and iakos on my canoe, and wondering what the general consensus is on protecting agents ie varnish or oils? Some of the kayak guys i´ve talked to (who restore a lot of paddles/Greenland style kayaks) say a good oil is the only way to go - something about not trapping moisture inside the wood.

I´m a little concerned on a paddle the oil would make changes pretty dodgy - anyone out there with experience?

Hypr Kanus

Hey there everybody,just looking for a bit of info on Hypr kanus,me looking at getting a Hoku'lea does anyone have one of these kanus any info on this or any of these kanus would be great thanks

Outrigger Canoe for sale in Houston

I inherited this canoe in a purchase of a canoe and kayak store in Houston. We will not be carrying these types of items in the future and are selling off the previous owners personal racing canoe.

If anyone has any questions call 713-660-7000



Ummmm........how about a cedar oc1 for x-mas ........


I really like the part where it says " if you flip it you won't be able to get back on " lol .

Travel Bag for Zephyr...

Anyone have a good suggestion for a travel bag for the zephyr?

Saw the Dakine on the OC site it looks a little big. Looking to decrease the stone, salt and flying stuff from hitting the shell when traveling with canoe on my car...

How shape a seat for a hurricane?

Gentlemen, please be kind with your posts. Compared to most of you I'm fairly new to paddling (2nd year OC-6, 1st year OC-1) and I need to make a new seat for my hurricane. I have 2 pieces of foam, so I have a little room for error. My question is where to start?

Do It start with an outline of my okole(luckily smaller than the piece of foam)? Next I wonder about how high the side's should go, how much room to leave in the back, depth of leg area and how much space to leave to attach to the canoe?

Last part is what tools do you recommend and where do I buy them? After I purchase them, how do I use them? I live in So Cal and have access to numerous shops. I'm a girl who likes to build/work with tools, however New Yankee workshop hasn't tackled this project.

I take paddling very seriously and realize I need to be able to do things on my own. So any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated by my Okole. Stock hurricane seats are just plain mean.

Mahalo for your Kokua

New IHE paddle

Howzit, Finally a different paddle shape that works very well. This shape is intended for the one or two man vaa. The Tahitians have used something similar I've been told. So this idea is not new, but refined. What this shape will do for you is make you more efficient with the higher stroke count. As the Tahitians are proving right now, stroke count is huge. This paddle is super clean on the entry and release. I have to thank Pat of Onno for helping me with the R&D. IHE means spear and thats where the inspiration came from. The Hawaiians used paddles that were sharp to also be used as spears. You can contact Steve Blyth for demo.

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