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oc1 fishing

need help on how to set up a pole holder on the iako. i see some people with pvc pipe and held in place by tire rubber. how do you folks keep it there when a fish strikes?

New Video Camera

Just got the Sanyo Xacti from Costco this weekend. The thing is supposedly waterproof and only costs around $170. We'll see how long it holds up in the saltwater. The clip below is a buddy of mine attempting to paddle while holding it between his knees. Once we figure out a way to mounting it securely, we should start generating some decent clips.

Cable stretch on rudder cable.

Any thoughts or advice on quick fixes for a rudder cable that has stretched out more on one side so the pedals do no sit even with the rudder straight. I know on my bikes it's common with new brake and shifter cables and is an easy fix, but I'm not sure whats the best way to tackle this on my oc1. It's a Zephyr.
Much thanks...

my homemade oc1

Hi guys if you haven't read my other posts I am living in south Africa and am in the process of building myself an oc1 out of an old surf ski having never actually seen an oc in real life.

Anyway I have almost finished my iako mounts on the ski and have started shaping my ama out of the foam from an old surfboard and have started making a paddle with marine ply/epoxy blade and bamboo/epoxy shaft. the iakos are also going to be made from bamboo and are bent and drying out as I type this.

I will continue to put updates on here if anyone is interested any post some pix if I can.

any suggestions are welcomed and I would like to thank all the users on here that have been so helpful so far.

I am attaching pics of the paddle so far I attached it with a filler of epoxy resin and wood flour and plan to put a layer of glass over the top when I have finished faring it.

paddle sizing

hi guys

for those that haven't read my previous posts I am busy building a outrigger out of an old surf ski having never seen one before in person living in south Africa.

I am also going to be building a paddle but I have no idea on their dimensions of outrigger paddle could someone post a rough sketch with dimensions the dimensions I have picked up so far is a blade angel of around 10 degrees and a length of 50" is this length just the shaft of the whole paddle including blade.

Before anyone suggests it just importing a paddle is not an option as most of the paddle prices I have seen on the web are like a months salary for me and I still have a family to support.

I have quite a good knowledge of composites having worked as boatman for the local rowing club for about 3 years so building it is not a problem.

thanks in anticipation

Maa Afi

I just had to come on here and make a brief comment about the Maa Afi. With my other designs except for the WaveBlade two man, after about maybe 4 months of paddling and racing them in the channels, I wanted to change them some how. With the Maa Afi, there is nothing I want to change. I love this canoe. More people should test drive it. Small water or big, its cherry. Thanks for everything Papu, Out

Looking for used OC1 in Florida

I was a Maui Girl for over 10 years; moved to the Florida Keys and was so shocked to find no canoe clubs, despite the perfect water conditions. I have decided an OC1 is the next best thing... except no one in the Keys seems to have ever even HEARD of one, let alone know where to find one.


Mahalo Nui Lao!

HYPR is back !!!

You won't believe it...
goodwaka at least they do't claim it's V1 related...
sorry fuze, it has no chines !
eckhart, I don't have any specs (lenght, weight, seaworthyness, max speed, etc.) Nothing !

maoliwaa paddles

Just wanted to know if anyone has had good results from maoliwaa paddles. Seem like great paddles but we all know how ordering from across the way can sometime be. Delivery time? Product quality? etc. I would really like to find a good quality all wood double bend since my classic savage river broke last year. Tried others- do not like them How are the Tahitians doing?

A hui hou.........poidog

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