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Holopuni Canoes

Does anyone know if Holopuni Canoes is still in business, making OC-3 paddle and sailing canoes? Their website, www.holopunicanoes.com , seems to be non-functional.


Does anyone out there have experience with the bent shaft Tahiti Rame paddle. I have heard they have a hybrid model out also. I am interested in how it compares to the straight shaft paddle that you paddled before as well as comments on its constuction, Would you recommend this paddle? Please restrict comments to its use on an OC1 OR OC2.

Rigging with rubber strips or bike inner tubes??

Does anyone have any photos or advise on how to rig a surfing canoe with rubber strips. I am not sure if what's being used are old bike inner tubes?? Any advise would be appreciated. I am using quickstraps, but I am affraid that there is not enough flexibility in the straps and eventually I will break something. Any advise would be appreciated, from rigging to type of rubber to use (or if bike inner tubes). Mahalo

UV and Heat Damage

After years of mulling it over and finally deciding to bite the bullet, I bought myself an OC1. Now I agonize daily over having it sit out in the hot sun on my truck rack baking. I am trying desperately to find covered parking in my area, to no avail. I have sheltered storage for it at home, but why get an OC1 if it's just going to sit at home right? So basically she sits out in the parking lot without shade from 8:00am to 5:00pm daily. Please help...

Realistically, what can I expect if I keep this up? Will she suffer significantly?

In your collective experience what type of precautions should I be taking to protect her?

Other then washing her down after each run, what maintenance should I be performing?

Si yu'os ma'ase - Haggan.

Cleaning latex house paint off V-1

The people remodeling my neighbor's house painted recently, and some of the overspray got on the bottom of my V-1 (Tiger Tevanui) hull.

What is the best way to get the dried latex paint off without damaging the gelcoat. I can scrape small areas off with my fingernail without any apparent damage, but that would take a long time to go over the whole hull.

Some sites relating to furniture repair suggest that lacquer remover, alcohol, Goof Off, Goof Off 2, and Simple Green can be used to remove latex paint, but will these damage the gelcoat?

Car top carry systems

I have a Huki OC1 and have been using a rowing shell car top carry frame for a couple of years. Essentially, the frame mounts on top of my Yakima bars. The frame extends the contact points further fore and aft, so the OC is suspended in cradles at about the 1/3 and 2/3 point of the boat length.

It works quite well, but frankly the frame is a bit on the bulky side and certainly can't be helping my fuel economy.

I keep looking at the more streamlined Yakima and Thule kayak rigs and wonder if they would work just as well, offering less drag on my car, etc. I presume for lower speeds, urban transport the saddle set-ups would work fine on their own, and that if highway speeds are encountered, adding tie downs at nose and tail would be fine.

Any suggestions as to how one can rig their OC1 on top of their car with the least amount of frame/carry gear, but still allow for transport at highway speeds?

4 man lightweight tahitian style canoe

Was wondering if there is a 4 man canoe out there that is light weight and tahitan style? Often times in club practice some of our guys are MIA. Would be nice to still get out there with a light weight canoe and do some laps or maybe a downrun.

oc1 fishing

need help on how to set up a pole holder on the iako. i see some people with pvc pipe and held in place by tire rubber. how do you folks keep it there when a fish strikes?

New Video Camera

Just got the Sanyo Xacti from Costco this weekend. The thing is supposedly waterproof and only costs around $170. We'll see how long it holds up in the saltwater. The clip below is a buddy of mine attempting to paddle while holding it between his knees. Once we figure out a way to mounting it securely, we should start generating some decent clips.

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