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What size paddle?

I am in the process of buying an OC1 and had a question as to the type of paddle I should buy and how to size for an appropriate paddle for a relatively new paddler.

I am 5'11" and weigh 166 pounds. What's the right length for a paddle? Should i buy wood or graphite? Should i buy straight, single-bend, double-bend, triple-bend :) ...? All so confusing.

Thanks for any help you can provide to a newcomer to the sport.

Rocker question

Just curious about the rocker of the oc-1 that does the Molokai. Is the rocker flat in the middle then kick up at the bow/tail? How far back from the bow/tail does the rocker start? How much rocker? Entry thoughts? I understand every boat builder is differerent. I am new so please go easy......Thanks!!


i wanted to have a place were we can ask questions to other paddlers and get tips?

high tide, do i stay closer to land or out?
low tide, do i stay closer to land or out?
side wind, up wind, down wind, into surf should i angle my canoe in a certain way?
while surfing what am i looking for to connect points?
do i really need to fly my ama?

just a few questions to start this topic off.

aloha, kapuni

V1 huli recovery

Just curious if anyone knows a way to get back into a V1 from the off ama side. I've tried in shallow water without much success and I'm not sure if it's me or well, me.

Fuze vs Pegasus

I want to buy a new OC1, I'm a light paddler (62 kg) and I paddle actually with an heavy "brazilian huricanne".(i live one part of the year in brazil and other part in france).I m not interesting in buy the ultimate canoe on the market...
I'm limited with the Hurricane in rought ocean and chopp water so I think change for an other Kanu.
I think Fuze or Peggy are good for my weight. I want to race in molo solo 2011 so I have to paddle the same boat to train and to race.How boat is more easy to find or rent in Oahu?(peg or fuze)?
The fuze looks like comfortable (good point for 6 and more houre of race) but I like the line of the Pegasus.
What are you thinking guys (and girls) , fuze or Pegasus?

Anyone paddle a 2009 HUKI V1-X (New Version) yet?

Anyone paddle a 2009 HUKI V1-X (New Version) yet?

If so, could you provide some impressions?

Thanks in advance,



I have a buddy who owns an auto repair shop...says he can repaint the surface of an OC1 or ski using auto paint that will weigh about 3/4 lbs and buff out any surface scratches....anyone try some thing like this before?

taking off rudder?

Hi everyone,

I'm shopping around for my first oc1 and would like to buy used since i'm a beginner. Ideally, i would love a rudderles since i'm an adaptive paddler and cannot use the rudder anyway. i'm wondering how taking off the rudder on an oc1 would affect the performance of the boat? Alternately, how would leaving the rudder on without using the pedals affect the performance? The boat i'm looking at right now is the Fusion but am keeping my eye out for any others that pop up on y2kanu & craigslist. i'll be paddling mostly north shore (oahu) side.

Thanks for any help!!

Tiger Kahele

Can anyone put up some feed back on this canoe please?

Sorry if it has been done. I tried a search but didnt come up with anything but a the word Kahele in a small number of results.


Poly V1 in JPN

Not a high-tech, super-light machine.
But fun enough and glowing here.

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