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Gel-Coat Cracks in oc1 canoes

What to do and what not to do when repairing your outrigger canoe.

Photos from Italy

Some great photos from daniele scarpa - Pres.te of Italian Federation FICPO (federazione italiana canoa polinesiana outrigger) and opinion maker of CanoaRepublic Outrigger Club located in Marina del Cavallino (Venezia), Italy. Here is their english site.

Dec 7. Paddling in Florida

Article from the Florida Today talks about a race this past Saturday and the sports growth in the area.

Dec 8 Hoe Horo Race 1

Photos /Recap and Results , from Cronulla, Austrailia. More info here

OC-1 Takes on Jaws

JAWS PHOTO SHOOT..cool stuff, but no real surfing

Dec 8 Kauai Fun Run Photos!

Kaua'i had a great run this sunday having 15-30 trades all day. Some great photos of the long course with Kai Bartlett are posted in the gallery. Photos taken by Steve Gates.

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