Dec 8 Hoe Horo Race 1

Photos /Recap and Results , from Cronulla, Austrailia. More info here

OC-1 Takes on Jaws

JAWS PHOTO stuff, but no real surfing

Dec 8 Kauai Fun Run Photos!

Kaua'i had a great run this sunday having 15-30 trades all day. Some great photos of the long course with Kai Bartlett are posted in the gallery. Photos taken by Steve Gates.

Feb. 1st-2nd Coffs Coast Event - Australia

Two day international event with both oc6 and oc1 races. There's lots of prize money! Read on for more.

Sat. Dec. 7 Choose Your Weapon - Oahu

Calling all Surfski's, OC-1's, OC-2's, Paddleboard's, 4-man's, or 6-man canoes, or... other "weapons". More on it here.

20 Beaches Event - Sydney

Sydney-based Outrigger Paddlers,

One of the best OC1/OC6 events of the year is on in one weeks time!

Basics of canoe materials

by Steven Gates -- a long time epoxy/composite boatbuilder, who has been repairing OC1s for the past 3 years. Steve will touch upon aspects of OC1 construction, maintenance, and repair. Steve will also welcome specific questions.

Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a, Dec 8 Fun Run & Clinic w/Kai Bartlett

A paddling swap meet and the association meeting will also be held the same day. Read more here.

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