Weather and Season Schedules Available

The schedules for the Kanaka I Kai Ka Oahu Race Season and the Hawai`i Island Paddlesports Association Year 2003 Race Series have been posted on the right.
Also the weather for Hawaii is listed under the pull down menu on the left.

Stretching prevents injury, but did you know this?

According to an article from the Mayo Clinic "It's most beneficial to stretch after you exercise, when the muscle is heated by blood flow and is more accommodating to stretching." Do you usually stretch before practice? May be something new to tell your coach. The article also has several other useful tips. will soon really be!

We have officially bought the domain name and hopefully it will be up and running later this week!

Albesia Surf Canoe Project on Kauai

Check this out.. "a documentation of our canoe building project in Mr. Crafts Industrial Arts and Crafts class at Kauai High School." It'll be fun to see how it surfs.

Welcome to

This is the future paddling website of the world! It's all very dynamic and very updatable through the use of the PostNuke content management system. So we'll have all the latest in the paddling world up as soon as possible. We hope you like it and return soon.

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