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Dec 8 Kauai Fun Run Photos!

Kaua'i had a great run this sunday having 15-30 trades all day. Some great photos of the long course with Kai Bartlett are posted in the gallery. Photos taken by Steve Gates.

Feb. 1st-2nd Coffs Coast Event - Australia

Two day international event with both oc6 and oc1 races. There's lots of prize money! Read on for more.

Sat. Dec. 7 Choose Your Weapon - Oahu

Calling all Surfski's, OC-1's, OC-2's, Paddleboard's, 4-man's, or 6-man canoes, or... other "weapons". More on it here.

20 Beaches Event - Sydney

Sydney-based Outrigger Paddlers,

One of the best OC1/OC6 events of the year is on in one weeks time!

Basics of canoe materials

by Steven Gates -- a long time epoxy/composite boatbuilder, who has been repairing OC1s for the past 3 years. Steve will touch upon aspects of OC1 construction, maintenance, and repair. Steve will also welcome specific questions.

Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a, Dec 8 Fun Run & Clinic w/Kai Bartlett

A paddling swap meet and the association meeting will also be held the same day. Read more here.

California WaveChaser Paddle Series Benicia Results

The Benicia race on Saturday Nov. 9 was an apparent success. Results and Photos are posted on their website.

Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a Season Schedule and Paddling Swap Meet

The 2003 Kaua'i Hoe Wa'a season schedule is linked up on the the right. Dec 8 will be the annual meeting to discuss last year, this year and to elect board members. There will also be a paddling swap meet where anyone with any paddling related gear can sell or trade. "We hope that this will be a good way for one to sell older equipment, or buy that new or used boat. Hopefully the equipment will be there for someone who is interested to try."-- Kawika. Plans for a paddling clinic is also in the works. The first race follows the next week on Dec 15th.

Weather and Season Schedules Available

The schedules for the Kanaka I Kai Ka Oahu Race Season and the Hawai`i Island Paddlesports Association Year 2003 Race Series have been posted on the right.
Also the weather for Hawaii is listed under the pull down menu on the left.

Stretching prevents injury, but did you know this?

According to an article from the Mayo Clinic "It's most beneficial to stretch after you exercise, when the muscle is heated by blood flow and is more accommodating to stretching." Do you usually stretch before practice? May be something new to tell your coach. The article also has several other useful tips.

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