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April 5 - 7th annual Typhoon Gold Coast Cup - Australia

Updated with new flyers & nomination forms. All the latest info for the 2 day event.

Great River Race in London, UK - September 6th 2003

Interested in an oc6 outrigger race in the UK?

We got one for you - the Great River Race 2003 - SEPTEMBER 6th 2003.

20th HAMILTON CUP News Update

As we are celebrating 20 years of outrigger canoe racing at the Coca-Cola
Hamilton Island Cup this year we are going to introduce a couple of new
events into the mix...

Ask ocPaddler: Double graphite boat vs kevlar-graphite?

Kevin asks "What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of a double graphite boat versus a kevlar-graphite boat? Mahalo"

Jan 19 - WaveChaser Santa Cruz Race - California

Results from race # 4
***Kevin Thompson & Lise Oberth lead in OC1 divisions

Jan 19 - Hoe Horo Race 2 - Cronulla, Australia

An article with photos. Results & Leader Board here
***James Love & Amanda Wyllie lead in open divisions in race 2

Jan 19 - Gold Coast Event 7, Seaway Race - Australia

Results & Photos of the race.
***Matt Carter/Robyn Saultry win Open Divisions

Jan 19 - Kanaka I Kai Ka Race #2 - Oahu, Hawaii

Initial Long Course Results.Check to see you are in the right division. There were problems with the computer & numbers. Short Course Later this week. Photos at Pacific Paddler Online.

Jan 19 - Port Allen to Waimea Race - Kauai, Hawaii

Photos & Results from today's race. Winners - Hipo Princena/Katy Curtis in Long and Thomas
Oliver/Jo Hookano in Short. Read more for article, results & photos.

Jan 18 - Leilani's Triangle Race - Maui, Hawaii

(short 5 miles; long 8 miles) Results and Photos available at Maui Canoe & Kayak Club

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