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Jan 18 - Leilani's Triangle Race - Maui, Hawaii

(short 5 miles; long 8 miles) Results and Photos available at Maui Canoe & Kayak Club

Jan 18 - HIPA Uncle Kelikolio races - Hilo, Hawaii

Results.. Race sponsored by Keoua Canoe Club and held at Honaunau. Great photos available at y2Kanu.

Pedal Wa'a Modified OC1

I got to get me one of these canoes! Very cool project built by Clive Armitage of Cobb, Georgia, USA
Check it out over at Human Powered Boats

Jan 11- SBOCC Pier to Pier in Santa Barbara, California

Results now available(as of 01/20) from SoCal Winter Racing Series. Comments on the SoCal Winter Racing Series race and an article w/ photos from Mudbrookpaddles

Ask ocPaddler: Considering weight/size in boat purchase?

An anonymous reader asks: "When choosing an oc1 should the weight of the paddler determine the type of boat to purchase. What type would a 6'3" 240 pound male consider ????"

What's your advice? Post in the comments of this article.

Jan 12 - Kanaka I Kai Ka Race 1 Results - Oahu, Hawaii

Results and Photos from Kanakaikaika.com............... More Photos from Pacific Paddler Online

Jan 12 - Kauai Hoe Wa'a Race 3 Photos - Hawaii

are online, Results now available (click read more).

Jan 11 - 16th Annual, Cann Classic (HIPA Series Race 3) - Hilo, Hawaii

"Results of the 16th Annual Cann Classic, held in stormy Hilo today, Saturday, January 11, 2003. Great turnout, with almost 50% of the short course participation made up of Novice (first year) OC-1 paddlers."

Jan 4 WaveChaser Coyote Point Results - California

Results of the Coyote Point to Bair Island Aquatic Center Race in Redwood City, CA. More at the WaveChaser series website

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