Used OC 1 Pacific Northwest

Looking for used OC1's all levels all sizes. We have many new paddlers looking for boats.

Hurricane Iako to Ama Connection

I have an older Hurricane (not too old). The connection between the iakos and the ama is a bit loose.

newer model Hurricane reviews

For those of you that have had a chance to use one - what are your impressions of the current version of ther Ozone Hurricane - and the construction quality? I'm potentially looking to purchase one.
Unfortunately, there is not alot of opportunities to surf where I live, but it can get rough at times.


Anything up at Pure Paddles?

I've emailed Pure Paddles twice in the past few weeks but have not heard back from them. Anyone know if something's up at Pure headquarters?

Which Paddle for OC1?

I have started using a Kialoa Axel II for OC6. My Kialoa Hollyakala is now standing idle. Some say, "Cut it down an inch and use it for OC1".

Slightly shorter, I can understand for OC1 as compared to OC6.

But, would there we any advantage to using a slightly smaller blade surface for OC1?

The Axel II has a 108 sq inch blade surface, the Hollyakala is 102 sq inches.

Winter Weight Training Workout help needed.

I am a senior masters woman with two year's experience in OC6 and about two months experience in OC1. I would like to increase my fitness level by working out in the gym over the winter in order to be prepared for our on the water distance training program that will begin in the spring.

I am somewhat familiar with general weight training principals and techniques however I would like some specifics with regards to resistance training for outrigger paddling.

I haven't come across much info on the web and wondered if I am perhaps just not looking in the right places.

"I just love to paddle"

We're honoured to present the exclusive Canadian screening of "I Just Love To Paddle" at this year's Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films June 8th and 9th in Vancouver BC.

Produced in 2010, this 31 minute film is the story The story focuses on Nappy Napolean's attempt to cross 9 Hawaiian channels in six days, a total of almost 240 miles.

Can anyone read the contents of the Kaimana OC-1 classified ad?

Sorry, but when I read the ad below in the Classifieds - whether I'm logged in or not - I get the message "You are not authorized to access this page".

Just wondering if everybody gets that message. If you don't, could you post what it says. Or e-mail me.


Don M

Kaimana OC-1 still for sale

Item Description: 

I am selling my OC-1. I have two and can only use one at a time. It is in great shape. Email or text with questions.
For further info check out
I am having trouble loading pics...check out this link to see some

Contact Info: 

Send me a private message.

Under the Cristmas tree?

Naughty or nice, what would you like under the Christmas tree?

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